About Us

engine conversion

Our company was originally established in 1985 and since 1990 has been principally involved with supplying Diesel V8 engines for light commercial and 4WD vehicles.

Managing Director, Lindsay Cullen, had extensive 4WD and mechanical experience from working many years in the mineral & oil exploration industries, and when a friend imported some diesel V8 engines and fitted one to his own Landcruiser, found that the V8 attributes of high torque, economy and smoothness specifically suited the majority of 4WD vehicles sold on the Australian market.

Subsequently, Linquip began importing and supplying these Diesel V8 engines and Spare Parts, and to date have in excess of 1000 customers throughout Australia & the Sth Pacific Region. With the growth of the business, Linquip has partipated at many 4WD shows including the first outdoor venues in Sydney & Brisbane, and have sponsored customers in fundraising events such as the Endeavor Foundation Fun Run, The Out back Challenge and many Club Events!

During the joint Military exercise, Tandem Thrust in 1997, Linquip supplied the US ARMY with various parts and also supplied major Australian clients such as NSW Ambulance Service and Brisbane City Council. Our ongoing Research & Development Program ensures that Linquip can supply customers with individually tailored Repowering & Upgrading options which provide Engine, Gearbox & Diff possibilities.

Engines can be supplied in various forms or stages from suitable for Reconditioning, Running, Reconditioned, Balanced & Ported and New!

All major Parts are kept in Stock and through our import facility we have access to many specialised parts both O.E.M and Aftermarket.

Linquip has been a member of the MTAQ for over 10 Years and is now located in Gympie,  near by to the Fraser Coast.