Installing a V8 Diesel

Basic installation procedure for installing 6.2 & 6.5 Ltr Diesel to Landcruiser (5spd)
with Mark’s Adapter Kit.

Engines & Adaptor Kits can be supplied so that D.I.Y projects can be undertaken. Following is the basic procedures utilised when using Marks Adaptors ‘371’ Kits

  1. Clean down engine and engine bay prior to removal.
  2. Drain radiator and engine block of fluids. Remove bonnet, grill assembly, radiator, battery, battery support bracket and protection plates from under the vehicle, air conditioning compressor must be de-gassed by a licensed professional.
  3. Remove and label as necessary oil pressure sender and wiring, temperature sender and wiring, starter motor wiring, on/off wiring to carburettor/oil, heater hoses at firewall, fuel inlet and return lines, vacuum lines, air cleaner assembly, air conditioning hoses, power steering hoses, clutch slave cylinder assembly (leave hose on).
  4. Disconnect any wiring harness between gearbox wiring and main loom and keep out of the way. Remove bolts connecting bell housing to engine. Remove engine mount nuts and washers. Remove engine.
  5. Using an angle grinder, grind welds from chassis engine mount towers and remove. Attach Marks bellhousing to gearbox. Position engine and tack weld towers in position then remove engine and weld up towers.
  6. Assemble flywheel etc and install to Chev engine. Mount and align clutch and pressure plate assembly. Remove clutch fork and pivot from Toyota bellhousing and fit to Marks housing. Assemble Toyota fork, rubbers and throwout bearing assembly. Mount bellhousing to engine. (Ensure that you can remove starter motor – some grinding of the bellhousing may be required in order to allow starter to drop and be removed).
  7. Lower engine and assemble into vehicle. Begin hooking up all accessories prior to fitting radiator etc as it is much easier to work on the vehicle with the radiator removed.
  8. Fit engine oil cooler and hoses.
  9. Hook up carburettor power or ‘on’ wire on the “on” terminal of the injector pump. Extend temperature, oil pressure wires and connect to the Toyota sender units, which are now fitted to the Chev engine.

LINQUIP uses MARKS 4WD ADAPTORS-for more information click here